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            Wele to Sunshine Academy

            Sunshine Academy provides a safe stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop with the nurturing support and guidance of teachers, staff, and parents. We are mitted to providing the highest quality care and the best early education to the children and families we serve.

            Quality Education

            Our classrooms are tailored to your child’s age group and designed to promote all aspects of childhood development.

            Private Outdoor Playground

            Sunshine Park, located at 210 Harvard Street, was built by Sunshine Academy in 2016 to provide a private, safe and age-appropriate outdoor play area for all our classrooms.

            Now Re-open with Full-Day Kindergarten!

            All Sunshine Academy locations are now open again.  Now Enrolling all age groups – Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten.  Contact us for a tour!

            Now Re-open with Full-Day Kindergarten!

            All Sunshine Academy locations are now open again.  Now Enrolling all age groups – Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten.  Contact us for a tour!

            Fresh Meals

            From toddlers up to Pre-K, we are proud to offer a catered hot lunch and two snacks daily. Food is prepared fresh every day and pletely free of nuts and trans fats.

            “We’ve been thrilled with Sunshine Academy. The diversity of its teachers and students, its wide array of academic and extracurricular programs, and its emphasis on friendship and cooperation have all created the ideal environment for our son to grow, learn, and bee a confident and happy little boy.”



            Coolidge Corner North

            302 Harvard Street
            Brookline, MA 02446
            (617) 232-6600

            Coolidge Corner South

            164 Harvard Street
            Brookline, MA 02446
            (617) 264-4404

            Washington Square

            1658 Beacon Street
            Brookline, MA 02445
            (617) 734-5250


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            March 2021 Newsletter: Transitions as a Skill-Building Opportunity

            Sustaining consistent routines can be a challenge even in the most predictable of times, but routines can also very helpful for maintaining a sense of control, even in times of change.  Children thrive on routines.  They look forward to participating in “now/next” predictions and quickly bee masterful at initiating next-steps in the day themselves.  We

            Posted on

            February 2021 Newsletter: The Benefits of Early Music Education

            Music has always been an important part of the curriculum at Sunshine Academy. We believe in the value of musical literacy as an essential part of education, not just for the support it provides to other domains of learning, such as math, language and socio-emotional development, but also for its capacity to enable children to

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            January 2021 Newsletter: Young Children and Sleep

            Adequate sleep is critical for healthy development in young children.  Good sleep habits correlate with improved attention, better memory retention, more consistent emotional regulation, better listening skills, improved balance and muscle coordination, and better physical health. Inadequate sleep correlates with an increase in injuries, hypertension, obesity and depression, among many other disorders.    The American

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